Who are we?

We understand very well what it takes to have a good experience in the snow.
You might get to a point where you want to try something new. Maybe it’s no longer possible to ski a whole day, or at all. With SNIKE snow bikes, a lot of people have discovered that winter sports can be lots of fun again.

We love the moment that people discover that there is a good alternative to skiing, and more importantly, discover it’s possible to continue winter traditions for years to come. This motivates us to get this high quality product out to the world, to get it out to you.

We are sure you’ll have a great and fun experience.

Do you have a question for Peter Ros? Do you have an
experience to share? Please send an email to peter@snike.nl


“I love to try new things, and to share fun experiences with others. When I developed SNIKE for friends and myself, I quickly discovered I had something that a lot of other people could benefit from.
I enjoy the challenge of not just stopping at the idea, but really making things happen, and following through. I would love to see you enjoy SNIKE!”

Peter Ros – The very first SNIKEr, and owner of SNIKE